Imprisonment for 45 days for a lawyer who insulted a member of the Shura Council

The Criminal Court in Riyadh issued a legal ruling imposing three penalties on a lawyer, after publishing offensive tweets of a woman holding the Shura Council membership. Private, while he was imprisoned for 30 days as a general right with a fine and the closure of his own account on the Twitter platform.

For his part, Legal Counsel Ahmed Al-Balawi confirmed that the penalty imposed on lawyers varies according to the type of case. It is possible to reach the suspension of licenses until the criminal penalty is decided upon, and this matter belongs to the Disciplinary Committee, which has the decision in such judgments issued by the Ministry of Justice, noting that the lawyer from whom such violations occurred loses the confidence of dealing with clients and society rejects the idea Working with them and receiving cases that concern them, and this is what happens from some lawyers, such as publishing judgments issued against them through social media platforms, in order to search for excitement and fame and gain the sympathy of the public, and this work is contrary to what is hoped by lawyers, for example, doctors who made mistakes before them They always lose the confidence of dealing with clients, and this applies to the legal profession, which is developing from one period to another and is witnessing a remarkable turnout during this period.

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