In a letter to Biden, more than 300 Iranian experts are called to focus on Tehran’s human rights violations

In a letter to US President Joe Biden, more than 300 Iranian experts called on Wednesday to focus on Tehran’s human rights violations.

In the letter, American experts of Iranian origin urged the Biden administration to put issues of defense of democracy and human rights in Iran, to be the focus of his policies towards Tehran, and to support the will of the Iranian people to establish a “democratic, secular, non-nuclear republic,” according to what the “Iran International” website reported. .

The site indicated that the message comes in conjunction with the continuation of negotiations in Vienna, with European mediation, between the Iranian and American mission, in order to return to the nuclear agreement and lift the sanctions.

The experts called on Biden not to grant concessions to Tehran or to cancel the sanctions imposed on it if it did not put an end to human rights violations and support “terrorism” abroad by providing support to its allies in the region.

The experts called on Biden to avoid the mistakes of the past decades and the need to make human rights and democracy at the center of Washington’s policy towards Iran.

The letter was signed by researchers, university professors, physicists, industry directors and experts.

Iran faces accusations from human rights organizations of committing serious violations.

On Tuesday, two human rights organizations accused in the Tehran report of carrying out “obsessively” death sentences issued against prisoners despite the decline in Iranian public opinion for this punishment.

“Together Against the Death Penalty”, based in Paris, and the Iranian “Human Rights” organization, based in Oslo, said in their report that Iran executed at least 267 prisoners last year.

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