In a market without crisis, female cattle is sold for R $ 1.59 million in Expozebu’s virtual auction – 05/04/2021 – Market

The Covid-19 pandemic canceled agricultural events or forced changes in the format of fairs, which became purely virtual. What has not changed, at least in this period of the year, marked by the holding of Expozebu, in Uberaba (MG), was the millionaire sale of elite animals, in a market that shows signs of living far from the crisis.

Since the beginning of the fair, which opened on Saturday (1), until this Tuesday (4), the official auctions of the livestock fair, promoted by ABCZ (Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders), all virtual, have already moved more than R $ 18 million and recorded the highest value in the year traded by an animal.

On Sunday (2), the female Sophie Ourofino, daughter of Landau of Di Genio, was sold for R $ 1.593 million during the auction of the Ipê Ouro farm.

Sophie, born on September 4, 2017 and who was already recognized in the market as a large animal due to phenotypic characteristics and genetic evaluations, is the daughter of Landau of Di Genio and Branca FIV Fcaraibas.

Landau, by the way, was another animal sold at millionaire prices. In 2018, at the Elo de Raça auction, held at Chácara Mata Velha, 50% of the animal’s rights were won by R $ 1.26 million, in nominal values.

The Ipê Ouro auction had a growth of 85% in revenue, with the participation of 49 investors, and confirmed the expectations of the Expozebu organization that the year will be promising for the market.

Until the 22nd, 12 more auctions linked to the livestock fair in the city of Minas Gerais will be held, with the expectation that the businesses will show growth of at least 50%, on average, compared to 2019, when the fair was last held in the format presential.

“This is the perspective that we have based on the events that happened after that. We did Expogenética, last year, and we had an increase of 66.9% in value per animal. As Expozebu has greater strength, we should at least grow this in value per animal ”, said the president of ABCZ, Rivaldo Machado Borges Junior.

The official auctions of Expozebu have already exceeded R $ 18 million in sales. Three of them, with revenue of R $ 5 million, occurred this Monday (3).

The Naviraí auction moved R $ 2.456 million with the sale of 24 animals. The most expensive cost R $ 443.9 thousand.

Another was the Essência do Tabapuá auction, which raised R $ 1.879 million, with the sale of 84 animals – an average price of R $ 22,378, with the most expensive of them sold for R $ 150 thousand.

In the Baby Girolando auction at Fazenda Mutum, the movement reached R $ 670 thousand, with 60 animals sold, the most expensive of them for R $ 30 thousand.

Nelore Paraná, which was already one of the owners of the animal, acquired the rights entirely, which until then were shared with the Ipê Ouro farm, Ourofino Genética Animal and Nelore Perciani.

“It was an excellent result. We are in the first auctions, we have not yet reached half, but the results are excellent and exceed the results of last year ”, said creator Arnaldo Manuel de Souza Machado Borges, from Ipê Ouro.

According to him, Sophie’s genetic potential, with reproductive characteristics considered remarkable, guaranteed this valorization.

The cancellation of Expozebu in person was defined a month ago, after the pandemic gave clear signs that it would not cool down. Until then, there was the possibility of holding a hybrid event, limited to the circulation of 1,300 people all day long in the Fernando Costa park, which houses the fair.

The decision meant that the main national livestock event was not held in person for the second year in a row and was taken in conjunction with the Uberaba City Hall.

Borges Junior also said that the virtual format “is here to stay anyway”.

The forecast for 2020 was that the fair would gather 300 thousand people in the park and generate R $ 250 million in revenue.

In addition to it, other important agricultural fairs have also been canceled or organized only digitally. Together, they have handled more than R $ 12 billion in business in their last editions.

Among the canceled fairs are Tecnoshow Comigo, in Rio Verde (GO), Norte Show, in Sinop (MT), Bahia Farm Show, in Luís Eduardo Magalhães (BA) and Expodireto, in Não-Me-Toque (RS) ).


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