in front of a stunned room, Salah Abdeslam calls for “dialogue” to avoid new attacks

The attacks were “inevitable”, said the terrorist on Monday. “The door to dialogue must always remain open,” he nevertheless dared, provoking a general burst of laughter and appalled.

«November 13 was inevitable“, Declared Monday at the trial of the attacks the main defendant Salah Abdeslam, calling under the dismayed gaze of the civil parties to”dialogueTo avoid further attacks.

The hearing began with the testimony of an investigator who made the findings at the bar La Bellequipe, where 21 people were killed on the evening of the attacks. He had a video broadcast in the room showing the attackers shooting on the terrace. Among them, Brahim Abdeslam, elder brother of Salah, who will later be blown up in a bar in the 11th arrondissement.

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“The door to dialogue must always remain open”

«I would like to comment on the videos. I would like to say that if we take them out of context, I am the first to disapprove of them. But if we put them in context, I can’t condemn them», Declares in a solemn tone Salah Abdeslam, only member still alive of the commandos which made 130 dead in Paris and Saint-Denis. “OK», Replies President Jean-Louis Périès. “Ensuite ?»

«There are French, Germans and Belgians of Muslim faith who immigrated to Syria and Iraq to live their religion with dignity. France murdered them. If France is counting its dead, we have stopped counting», Continues Salah Abdeslam. The investigator’s statement, he said, is only the “last page of the book“, it is necessary “talk about the beginning».

«We can wage war, kill each other, hate each other, but the door to dialogue must always remain openHe then dares, causing a general burst of laughter and dismay in the courtroom. “You will dispute it but there is a part of provocation in your speech», The president told him. “Not at all !», Protests the 32-year-old Franco-Moroccan. “Shooting with Kalashnikovs at civilians on restaurant terraces, that’s not how we dialogue», Insists the president.

The exchange continues for a few minutes. “November 13th was inevitable. But you can avoid new 13-November, and that’s why I’m talking about dialogue», Loose the accused. The president begins to get angry. “I will end by saying that», dit Salah Abdeslam. «These terrorists are my brothers». «That, I understood», Answers the president.


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