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Verkhovna Rada Deputy Maxim Buzhansky reminded Poland of the events of 1939 due to the ongoing migration crisis on the border with Belarus.

“1939. Poland, according to its logic, did everything right. Attacked Czechoslovakia together with Germany, set Germany to the East. And she became a victim of Germany, ”said Buzhansky.

Today, as the MP stressed, Poland supported the actions of the West in Syria, Libya, Iraq, “actively interfered in the internal affairs of Belarus”.

“And she became a victim of migrants, whose division was storming its border for the first time since 1939,” Buzhansky wrote on Telegram.

According to him, the scale of events is different, but “the principle of the inevitability of the result of decisions and actions taken is the same.”

The parliamentarian also expressed bewilderment why Poland expects from the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko friendly actions after Warsaw’s aggressive policy towards Minsk.

On November 8, refugees from Syria, Iraq and Iran moved from Belarus to the border with Poland. Upon reaching it, the migrants tried to cut the wire and also used the logs to break through the fence. To eliminate the holes punched in the fence, the Polish military, in turn, formed a human shield.

On November 9, it was reported that two groups of migrants were able to break through the barbed wire, all these refugees were detained and returned to the territory of Belarus.

On the same day in Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced a tough attack on the border for the first time in 30 years. According to him, the purpose of this attack is to create chaos in the European Union. He also expressed confidence that the current events are part of Russia’s policy, which is allegedly behind the actions of the President of Belarus.

The Polish Foreign Ministry called for urgently to impose sanctions against all individuals and legal entities involved, according to Warsaw, in organizing the situation with migrants on the border with Belarus.

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