In Kirov, old hatches are being replaced with “floating” ones

In total, they plan to replace about 40 hatches over the summer.

New modern “floating hatches” are being installed on the streets of Kirov. As the press service of the city administration explained, the advantages of modern technology are that the hatch is installed directly on the asphalt, reducing the load on the reinforced concrete slab of the well.
As the master of UKRiS MUP Vodokanal Dmitry Illarionov explained, the “floating hatch” is not attached to the neck, which allows it to move along with the roadway without falling through or protruding above it when the asphalt is deformed due to weather conditions and loads during operation.
The city administration recalled that in 2020, Vodokanal specialists installed 9 “floating hatches” on sections of the road network with heavy traffic. During the year, the employees of the enterprise monitored their condition. All hatches withstood the load. The structures of the wells are not damaged either: support rings and floor slabs.
This summer it is planned to equip more than 40 wells with a new type of hatches.


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