In Moscow, the prosecutor’s office “resurrected” a pensioner mistakenly declared dead

In the capital, the pensioner, who was mistakenly declared dead, was literally resurrected by the Moscow prosecutor’s office. She achieved the annulment of the pensioner’s death certificate.

“The Prosecutor’s Office of the Zelenograd Administrative District in a judicial proceeding achieved the cancellation of the deed and invalidation of the death certificate of a 79-year-old pensioner,” the press service of the supervisory agency said in a statement, quoted by TASS.

The prosecutor’s office carried out a check on the complaint of a Muscovite about the violation of the rights of her elderly father. It was found that the 79-year-old pensioner was erroneously declared dead, about which a deed was made and a death certificate was issued to his relatives.

Based on the results of the check, the prosecutor, in the interests of the 79-year-old man, who, due to his health condition, cannot defend his rights on his own, sent a statement of claim to the court to legally recognize that he is alive and to annul the record of his death.

The court satisfied the prosecutor’s demands in full. The decision on the petition is addressed to immediate execution, the message says.


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