In Nigeria, a pastor with accomplices dismembered a man for the sake of a magical ritual

In Nigeria, two local residents and a pastor were detained for killing a 39-year-old man and dismembering his body for the sake of a magical ritual. Punch reports.

The relatives of the victim contacted law enforcement agencies. They said that the man left home and did not return. A 21-year-old young man fell under suspicion – he helped the police find his 20-year-old accomplice.

During the interrogation, the suspects confessed that they kidnapped the man, forcibly dragged him into the bushes, killed him and dismembered his body. They took some of the remains with them, and buried the rest at the site of the murder.

One of the criminals admitted that the pastor introduced him to a sorcerer who promised to pay well for the human head, heart, arms and legs he needed for the ritual. To demonstrate the seriousness of his intentions, the sorcerer gave them 80,000 naira as an advance. The rest, amounting to 120 thousand naira, they hoped to receive after completing the task.

Law enforcement agencies continue to search for the sorcerer.

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