In Omsk, a schoolboy was blown up by a grenade – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The Investigative Committee began an investigation into the fact that a nine-year-old boy was injured in the city of Omsk. An F-1 grenade detonated in the child’s hands.

“At present, all the circumstances of the incident are being investigated,” Larisa Boldinova, a representative of the Investigative Directorate of the ICR in the Omsk region, told RG.

According to preliminary data, the student was visiting his grandparents’ house and found ammunition. Out of curiosity, he pulled the pin, and the projectile detonated. The injured child was hospitalized with injuries. There is no threat to his life, the doctors promise to discharge the boy in a few days.

Law enforcement agencies are investigating how the F-1 grenade ended up in the house of a couple of pensioners. Its fragments were sent for examination. The victim’s grandfather explained that a few years ago he found a shell in a landfill. The pensioner thought it was a training grenade and took it with him.


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