In one of the districts of the Kamchatka Territory, an emergency regime was introduced due to a flood

A difficult flood situation has developed in the Penzhinsky district of the Kamchatka Territory. Due to active snow melting and past rains, the water level in the Penzhina and Enychavayam rivers has sharply increased. The villages of Slautnoe, Ayanka and Talovka are partially flooded, according to the website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the region.

At a meeting of the Commission for Emergency Situations, it was decided to introduce an emergency regime in the region.

According to the Kamchatka Department of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, today the water level in the Penzhina River in the vicinity of the village of Slautnoye is 937 centimeters. 23 adjoining territories, a transformer substation, a boiler room, a water tower were flooded. The water level in the vicinity of Ayanka village is 908 centimeters. Six areas are flooded there.

In the Enychavayam River in the vicinity of the village of Talovka, the water rose to the mark of 359 centimeters, 11 household plots were flooded.

In Slautnoye, Ayanka and Kamenskoye, rescuers set up temporary accommodation centers. The flood situation is being monitored, an airmobile group of 15 people went to the Penzhinsky district, including specialists from the Kamchatka Rescue Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.


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