In order to be saved, at that time they were forced to turn to Heydar Aliyev

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 15Trend: In order to save themselves, they had to turn to Heydar Aliyev at that time so that they would not be hanged here in front of the President’s Office

According to Trend, President Ilham Aliyev said this, in particular, at a meeting with the awarded servicemen after familiarization with the War Trophy Park.

“Heydar Aliyev did not allow the Armenians to occupy Nakhchivan, which was under blockade, although such attempts were made repeatedly. Our servicemen and civilians defended these lands with their chest in the fierce battles that took place there on the border, thanks to the Heydar Aliyev factor. They sent a military landing from here to Nakhchivan to remove Heydar Aliyev. The then commander of the Internal Troops, a dog hiding abroad today, sent troops there. We lost land, the Armenians seized our villages, and they fought in Nakhchivan against Heydar Aliyev. These are the deeds of traitors from the Popular Front-Musavat. However, they chickened out, did not even dare to show their nose, because the people rose and said: we will destroy you as soon as you appear here. They unleashed a civil war, bombed Ganja, captured Azerbaijani soldiers, while the lands were under occupation. If this is not a betrayal, then what ?! In April 1993, they gave Kalbajar to the enemy. After that, they began to panic, chicken out, and were depressed. To this day, they cannot get out of this depression. In order to save themselves, at that time they had to turn to Heydar Aliyev so that they would not be hanged here, in front of the President’s Office. Their gallows was ready. The Azerbaijani people endured them for only a year. But look what great harm they did in one year – our lands were under occupation, they destroyed the army, unleashed a civil war, shed fraternal blood. Therefore, when I say that they are traitors, traitors, enemies, then I base myself on this. I say this based on historical facts. Their vile nature is still evident today. During the Second Karabakh War, they secretly slandered our army, our just cause, and poured water on the enemy’s mill. Therefore, without knowing this story, it is impossible to correctly assess today’s realities.

After coming to power in 1993, Heydar Aliyev, relying solely on the support of the Azerbaijani people, put an end to all negative phenomena, disarmed all illegal armed groups, established stability and order, and began building a regular army, ”the head of state said.

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