in Paris, a nurse suspected of trafficking in vaccine passports

The nurse issued QR codes to several people from the same family circle at Sainte-Anne hospital in Paris, simulating a vaccination.

After the fake vaccines, the fake vaccination certificates. A temporary nurse, who came to lend a hand to the staff of the Sainte-Anne vaccination center in Paris, is suspected of knowingly “simulated, with the help of the interested parties, the administration of the vaccine“In order to deliver false QR codes, revealed France Inter.

His colleagues informed their management after seeing a “sudden change in behaviorFrom the nurse who, in May, endeavored to include on the centre’s list many people whom she absolutely wanted to vaccinate personally.

Mock vaccination

«It was from the moment that certificates in the form of QR codes were put in place that a nursing professional radically changed his behavior, but so far there had been no problems.», Explains to Figaro the Groupement Hospitalier Universitaire (GHU) of Paris, of which the Sainte-Anne hospital is a part. “The nurse registered people she knew and wanted to do the vaccination in the boxes without anyone, continues the GHU Paris. It was these actions that alerted his colleagues, who opened up to the management of the center, who quickly intervened. They observed what was happening when the people were received and the vaccine was injected. They then confronted the allegedly vaccinated people with the person who took care of them, which made it possible to act quickly. Within 24 hours, we completed the contract of the temporary worker. The facts have not been denied, but there will be no disciplinary proceedings, as we are not his main employer».

«She said to the other nurses: ‘It’s for me … There are people who are going to arrive, it’s for me!’», Says one of the colleagues of the accused person to France Inter. “Normally there are two nurses per cubicle with a separation screen for the privacy of people. But there, she asked her colleague to come out. She did that with at least ten people a day worked», Explains the caregiver.

An “isolated” and “opportunistic” fact

The people the nurse received were “often people who knew each other“, and that “were related, but they were not necessarily members of their own family, just from the same group of people, because they had the same name», Specifies Figaro a source familiar with the matter, adding that these supposedly vaccinated people would have used these false vaccination certificates to “bypass measures“And”take the plane“. If the price of these fake vaccine passports is still unknown, this same source assures that there is “a strong presumption that the nurse was monetizing her services».

A report to the public prosecutor of Paris was sent, “which is equivalent to filing a complaint for a health facility», We are told. The Île-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS) was also seized, and a report was sent both to the nurse’s main employer and to the Order of Nurses.

«We hope that the prosecutor will seize the prosecution and that he will make a requisition, because we want the investigation to start in order to shed light on the facts.“, Affirms the GHU Paris, stressing that the nursing staff of Sainte-Anne is”very shocked». «Everyone is very motivated about vaccination, we have already vaccinated more than 10,000 people in this center. The staff is therefore undermined by this unacceptable and isolated event, which reflects an approach of individual opportunism and, above all, recent, because linked to the establishment of certificates.», Adds the hospital group.


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