In Paris, reduced traffic in the city center will be implemented in the second half of 2022

This measure will “limit traffic in the center to destination traffic,” explains Anne Hidalgo’s deputy, notably in charge of Transport, David Belliard.

The life of Parisian and Ile-de-France motorists is about to become more difficult. On the occasion of the day “Paris breathes without a car», This Sunday, David Belliard, deputy mayor Anne Hidalgo in charge in particular of transport, explains to Parisian that the limited traffic zone (ZTL) planned in the center of the capital will have to be set up “from the second half of 2022».

This zone will in particular make it possible to prohibit transit traffic in a large area in the heart of the city, from Place de la Concorde to Boulevard Montmartre, to Place de la République and Place de la Bastille, right bank, as well as than north of boulevard Saint-Germain, left bank. For the chosen one, it will “limit traffic in the center to destination traffic. Those who have something to do in the area will still be able to circulate there».

The measure, which is controversial, worries in particular traders and VTC. “We fear that the plan to appease our neighborhood by definitively reducing traffic will be so effective that it literally suffocates us, no longer allowing us to welcome our public or to exercise our profession in good logistical conditions”, worried the professional committee of art galleries and the National Union of antique dealers in a letter addressed to the socialist town hall at the end of May. David Belliard is conciliatory, ensuring that the municipal teams are working on “the procedures with all the stakeholders, including the riparian districts. I obviously hear the fears in terms of postponing traffic in adjacent areas, and we will address them.», He promises.

The deputy environmentalist also defends the drop in the maximum speed to 30km / h in Paris. He returns in particular to the Coyote study, which showed that this reform had lowered the average speed by 1 km / h and traffic by 4% over the first two weeks of September. “4% reduction in traffic, this is an extremely encouraging indicator“, Wants to believe the elected official, for whom the analysis of the leader of connected GPS comes however”a little early».

Device and “coronapistes»

The mayor of Paris remains opposed to a transfer of the management of the ring road to Île-de-France mobilités, as required by the president of the capital region, Valérie Pécresse. The Republican primary candidate “makes the peripheral issue an instrument in the presidential competition“, Accuses Belliard, who qualifies this proposal as”political coup” and “outrageous».

The circular boulevard remains “hell“, Recognizes the elected ecologist, who wants”go to an urban boulevard and [en] do something more livable”, For example by dedicating a lane to carpooling or the bus. “This type of device already exists in Los Angeles», Defends the deputy, who ensures that Valérie Pécresse does not participate, via the organization IDFM, in the consultations with the State on this point.

The town hall intends to present its bicycle plan “around november». «We have put 80 million euros in the sustainability of coronapistes, which is half of the budget of the bike plan of the previous mandate», Adds the deputy.


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