In SC, a bridge collapses and swallows a woman passing by; see video – 06/10/2021 – Daily life

Security camera footage, just over a minute long, shows the moment when a bridge collapses in a neighborhood of Brusque (SC) and a woman falls shortly thereafter. The bridge structure may have been affected by the rains that hit the region at dawn on Wednesday (9).

The case occurred at 11:10 am on Wednesday, in the Guarani neighborhood. At the time of the landslide, two trucks passing by the site managed to avoid the fall. One of them stopped and another managed to get off the bridge just before it collapsed.

A few seconds later, from the moment the woman who walked in it, she disappears into the hole. A biker who was traveling on the street skidded on the track and managed to stop just before falling into the crater. A short time later, the woman appears coming out of the hole opened by the landslide and walks away.

Her son, Gunter Germano Pilger, says that his 60-year-old mother is doing well, but still psychologically shaken. She had minor injuries but was never referred to hospital.

“She hurt her leg and knee because she threw herself on the ground to avoid slipping on the bridge,” he says. “No medical help was offered to her. She’s a little scared, but it’s okay.”

According to Gunter, the mother usually passes through the place every day to pick up her eight-year-old granddaughter from school, and was rescued by local merchants who already knew her. She was on her way to her granddaughter’s school late in the morning when the bridge collapsed.

Driver of one of the trucks that appear in the images, Robson da Roza, says he also suffered a scare. The truck he drives is the vehicle that appears leaving the bridge just before it collapses. He saw the lady falling next.

“I thought she tripped, but it was the bridge that was falling. I just crossed, stopped in front, but they had already helped her,” he says. “I almost fell with it. It was pretty scary. I accelerated, otherwise I would have fallen with the bridge.”

The tanker, says the driver, was not fully loaded. This was not the first time he passed through the place that, according to him, is usually loaded with trailer traffic.

According to information from the newspaper O Município, the bridge has been in construction for over 50 years and had undergone an inspection of its structure earlier this week.

The municipal secretary for Strategic Infrastructure, Andrea Volkmann, told the de Brusque newspaper that the bridge was on stilts, which needed to be covered, but was functioning normally.

The fall of the structure also affected the water network in three districts, according to the city’s website.

Also according to the municipal government, Brusque recorded accumulated 96.58 mm of rain. This Thursday, Mayor Ari Vequi decreed an emergency situation in the areas affected by the rains, with a record of 276 displaced people, in addition to damages and losses.

The number of occurrences registered as a result of the rains rose to 118 — among them, three falls or risk of bridge fall.


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