In St. Petersburg, a man killed his wife, who forgave him for the murder of her one-year-old daughter

In St. Petersburg, investigators solved a double murder. A man was detained, who, according to the regional department of the UK, killed his one-year-old daughter in 2020, and five months later strangled his wife, who forgave him the death of the child and helped get rid of the body.

According to the Investigative Committee for St. Petersburg, it all started with the fact that in March 2021, the skeleton of a child was found in the South Primorsky Park. An examination showed that this is a girl who at the time of death was from 13 to 22 months old.

Investigators began to identify the child, check all the information about the missing children, check the situation in dysfunctional families.

The case helped. The department received information about the disappearance of a 23-year-old woman who had a young daughter. The application was filed by the woman’s relatives. Investigators began to find out her fate and found her husband, during a conversation with whom it turned out that the woman was strangled back in February 2021.

From the moment of the death of the child to the moment of the murder of his mother, five months passed. After a conversation with investigators, the man showed where he hid the body of the murdered woman. It ended up in the bushes of the South Seaside Park. Moreover, as it was established, for some time the man kept the corpse of his murdered wife in the bathroom.

The man has now been arrested. In the near future, he will be charged and a measure of restraint will be chosen.

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