In St. Petersburg, a swindler who extorted money for an alleged accident, knocked down a SOBR soldier to death

Law enforcement officers have had operational information about a group of telephone scammers operating in the northern capital for a long time. Step by step, the investigators identified all the new members of the group, collected the evidence base. The special operation was scheduled for Tuesday morning. For military support, the police turned to SOBR “Granit”.

During the arrest, an emergency occurred: the 38-year-old suspect managed to get into a Fiat Ducato car and pressed the gas. Police Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Zakharov tried to stop him. But the car literally rammed the fighter. Zakharov remained lying on the highway, and the attacker headed towards the exit from the city.

The ambulance doctors arrived quickly, but their help was not useful – Zakharov died almost immediately. To detain the malefactor in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region introduced the “Intercept” plan. They searched for the car using numerous CCTV cameras installed on the roads of St. Petersburg, and less than an hour later, Fiat was found. The car followed the ring road in the direction of a gas station in the area of ​​the city of Murino, Vsevolozhsky district of the Leningrad region. There she was blocked, the driver was detained. At the time of this writing, he was being questioned by investigators.

As a source familiar with the materials of the investigation told an RG correspondent, a group of telephone swindlers, which, according to preliminary data, includes the detainee, used a long-standing scheme, which is often called “Your son got into an accident.” Its essence is that elderly people receive a call from an unfamiliar number, and they hear that their relative allegedly caused an accident in which a pedestrian was injured. At the same time, they are “encouraged” that criminal liability can be avoided by giving a bribe to a police officer. Of course, in reality there is no road accident, everything is in order with relatives, but many people believe in strangers.

Lieutenant Colonel Zakharov tried to stop the criminal’s car, but it literally rammed the fighter

The money was not transferred directly. The swindlers used the “delivery” service of one of the taxi companies. The scammers hid their phone number via IP-telephony, and contacted the couriers via instant messengers.

The death of Yevgeny Zakharov was a real shock for his colleagues.

– He was a caring husband and father, a reliable comrade, ready to help at any time, with full dedication to the service and repeatedly showed decisiveness, resilience and professionalism in combat situations, – they say about a colleague in the Rosgvardia in St. Petersburg.

Evgeny Zakharov is survived by a wife and three children. The National Guard promises to support his family, and the department also pledged to take over the mournful procedures.

The deceased soldier, originally from the Murmansk region, came to law enforcement agencies in 2003, five years ago he began to serve in the SOBR “Granit”. Zakharov is a veteran of military operations, a participant in counterterrorist operations, awarded the Suvorov medal and the medal “For excellence in maintaining public order.” The Rosgvardia leadership is considering rewarding him for his courage in the arrest of a dangerous criminal. Posthumously…

The Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg opened a criminal case under the article “Encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer.” The progress of the investigation was put under the control of the prosecutor’s office of the Northern capital.


On the evening of November 9, it became known that two other telephone scammers, accomplices of the suspect in the murder of Yevgeny Zakharov, were detained – a 53-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman, together with the perpetrator of the crime, extorted money from the elderly …


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