In the forest near Ramenskoye, unknown persons set dastardly traps for people

A man riding an ATV gets his face cut open with wire

A trip to the beaver dam turned out for a 40-year-old resident of the city of Ramenskoye near Moscow with five torn out teeth and a broken jaw. The man was driving with his daughter along a country road when he suddenly ran into an iron wire stretched across the road.

As the victim Alexei Ignatov himself told “MK” (a man works as the technical director of a construction company), he and his 12-year-old daughter were driving an ATV along a familiar forest road between two rivers – Gogezha and Dorka. He knew this path by heart, since the route connects the town and the village of Plaskinino, where his parents live. It was around 19.00, Alexey was taking the child to look at the beaver dam nearby.


“Suddenly something hit me in the ribs,” Alexei says with difficulty. – As it turned out later, this was the first wire stretched below. She hit the steel part of the ATV and tore. I didn’t pay attention, I thought – a branch. And literally 15 meters later, we met the next stretch. She was already higher. I hit the plastic part of the ATV, cut it and by inertia hit me from the bottom up under the helmet. The helmet fell off and suffered a chin, pulled out three teeth and a torn lip. As the doctors later determined, the upper jaw also broke. Thank God he stayed alive. My daughter was not hurt, she rode behind me. She broke her lip only on my shoulder and was very frightened. We immediately went to the emergency room, where they put stitches. Then the dentist discovered a fracture and removed two more teeth that were loose. In total, the trip cost me five teeth in the front. The doctors said that I was lucky: my jaw broke in this place, and not near, I could lose an eye.

The day after the incident, the man went to the scene to see if there were still traps. In the forest, he cut four more stretch marks so that no one else would get into a similar situation. Alexey also wrote a statement to the police, even brought a cut wire, two mm thick. According to the victim, a similar incident had already occurred in this area about five years ago. Then a man, caught in a trap of unknown intruders, cut his neck.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28557 of June 11, 2021

Newspaper headline:
In the woods, they began to set traps for people


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