In the Kaluga region, a vandal is being tried for painting a sports and entertainment center

In the Babyninsky district of the Kaluga region, a criminal case against a 28-year-old man was sent to the court. The man is accused of vandalism (part 1 of article 214 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), according to the prosecutor’s office of the region on Friday, June 11.

According to the investigation, in the evening in January of this year, a man, while intoxicated, in public places in the Vorotynsk village of the Babyninsky district, using a spray paint can, painted with inscriptions the walls of a sports and recreation center, a residential building on Sireneviy Boulevard and other nearby structures.

Under the said article, he faces up to a year of correctional labor, or arrest for up to three months. The court must put an end to the case.


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