In the land of a Bolsonar deputy, friends endorse attacks on the Supreme Court and see a mask in Silveira – 21/02/2021 – Poder

Three days after attacking the STF (Supreme Federal Court) in a video published on social networks and being arrested by order of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, deputy Daniel Silveira (PSL-RJ) apologized and said he was sorry during the session of the Chamber of Deputies who kept his prison.

“At no time do I see a positive point in my speech (…) The human being goes from zero to one hundred in seconds. You have a thought and overdo it. Who has never done this in their lives? ”, He said.

On the same afternoon that the session in the Chamber took place on Friday (19), the sheet he was in Samambaia, a neighborhood where the parliamentarian spent his youth, 6 km from downtown Petrópolis (RJ). There, friends came out in their defense, criticized the STF and said that the deputy was never an aggressive person.

Felipe Dutra, 37, who owns a bakery in the locality, has known Silveira, 38, since he was 16, when they worked out together. He told the report that the neighbors supported the parliamentarian’s attitude, that “he said what many people wanted to say”.

“He was the only big man to talk about the Supreme. He is fed up with how very Brazilian he is. One killed her husband and was not arrested [em referência à deputada Flordelis, acusada de envolvimento no crime], the other stole R $ 33,000 in his underwear and was not arrested [em referência ao senador Chico Rodrigues, flagrado com dinheiro em espécie entre as nádegas]. He spoke about the Supreme Court and was arrested, ”he said.

Caulker Sandro Pereira da Silva, 52, with whom Silveira has worked in construction, reinforced the choir. “He is very brave, he sent the real one. The defect was not to measure the words. A lot of people cursed the president [Jair Bolsonaro] this and that and was not arrested. I don’t know if the Supreme Court wants to set an example for anyone else to have the right to speak ill, ”he said.

Silveira’s friend since his youth, artisan Guilherme da Silva, 36, said he is “totally in favor” of the video. “It was my desire to curse those guys.”

“They got there without any merit. They were nominated, but why? This arbitrary arrest exceeded all limits, the minister went too far. As much as Daniel is acid with some people, he often goes a little over emotionally, nothing justifies restraining ”, he said.

Born in Araras, another neighborhood in Petrópolis, Silveira went to live with his father-in-law in Samambaia, a middle class region, when he was about 15 years old.

Nicknamed “Mancha” because he always dressed in black, he is pointed out by friends as a person with a “strong personality”, who did not measure words, but who was not in the habit of getting involved in fights.

In the neighborhood, his colleagues say that Silveira has always taken a firm stand against drugs and crime, and that he approached younger boys who smoked marijuana on the street. The practice continued throughout the political career of the Bolsonarist – the difference is that the scene is now broadcast on social networks.

“Calling the guy a militiaman is a joke,” said Sandro. “After being elected, he always asked if the people needed help. They needed a doctor, he got it, he always found a way to help. ”

The long curriculum of controversies and alleged irregularities has not deconstructed the image that the deputy’s friends keep.

During the conversation with the report, the day Silveira broke the plaque with the name of Marielle Franco (PSOL), councilwoman murdered in 2018, or when the deputy exchanged spits with a college colleague during a live broadcast in the social media.

The 60 disciplinary sanctions and the times he was imprisoned during his time with the Military Police were also not cited by his friends. The complaint that pointed out that Silveira had used fake medical certificates to miss work as a bus collector was not recalled, either.

In addition to collecting money, Silveira was a construction assistant, nightclub security, muay thai teacher and gym owner, according to friends. His desire as a young man, however, was to become a police officer.

He achieved his goal in 2013, after disputing in court his entry into the PM. The corporation’s social research sector had recommended that it not pass the 2010 contest, due to the falsification investigation and other record of occurrence due to a street fight.

According to his friend Guilherme, Silveira did not talk about politics during his youth. “I don’t see him at that time as a politician, but always mediating conflicts, ‘let’s solve it in another way’. The guy was screwing up on the street, he would come and give an idea. He is a martial arts fighter, I always saw him back down, use arguments ”, he said.

A drug addict, the deputy’s friend stated that Silveira was one of the only ones to support him during the difficulties (“When I was at the clinic he sent me a letter”). In social networks, the congressman has the habit of cursing others as “potheaders”.

For Guilherme, Silveira has a punitive stance in relation to drug use because he has seen many friends getting lost. “We know that addiction is a disease, and the drug dealer fuses it. He saw a lot of bad things in the police, mothers crying because they had lost children because of the traffic. That put pressure on him, ”he said.

The friend also denied that the deputy was homophobic, saying he was very close to his brother, a homosexual, who died a few years ago from an infection.

Guilherme sees the deputy’s aggressiveness as a means of “shielding himself”. “It is a hard cover to face this corruption. A guy who grew up without his father, just his mother raising him. Without a solid family structure, he managed to win ”, he said.

Carlos Eduardo de Paula, owner of a security company that receives R $ 8,000 a month from Silveira’s parliamentary quota, whom he became friends with during law school, also says he believes the deputy wears a mask.

“For the little I know, there is a mask there. He defends what he believes, but in an extra tone. It is what the public wants to see, hear. ”

The evaluation of friends is in line with a report made on Twitter by federal deputy Áurea Carolina (PSOL), on Saturday morning (20).

In the publication, the parliamentarian states that Silveira once told her that she regretted a scene of violence that she had played, that she was tired of political polarization, and that she had a brother and homosexual friends.

Asked why he did not change his position, according to the deputy, the parliamentarian replied that the electorate “would not forgive him”.

“When appropriate, fascists soften the tone, choose words well, try to pass themselves off as friendly and reasonable. (…) It is important to remember this, because bolsonarism is a rational project that always involves the manipulation of affects ”, wrote Áurea.


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