‘In the ocean I gained a family, not by blood, but by salt,’ says quilombola surfer on World Oceans Day

Let’s start at the beginning. I was blessed by a magical and beautiful name, which when pronounced backwards, means “Nomar”.

by Ramon Soares

My life has not been easy, some would even say that at times it was quite the opposite as well. During my childhood, life taught me a lot, but my young age made me not understand many of them.

Until I learned to surf. Then came the peace of the sea. I felt happy and light on him. A kind of magical place that made me forget the pain and sadness whenever I was in it; and so it has always been and is until today.

The sea has taught me so much, and I fearlessly affirm that the Ocean talks to me. In it I clean myself. With him, I learned to live, be persistent, have patience, not give up, make mistakes and make mistakes until I learn. And that took it into my life when I’m out of it.

The ocean is my foundation, my friendly shoulder, my boss and my glory! And he is also my second home. In the ocean I gained a family, not of blood, but of salt. He also taught me and my surfing family that there is no better and more relaxing way to live life than diving, bathing and surfing in its waters!

Thank you, Ocean.

Ramon and the children at Praia da Caçandoca, Quilombo in Ubatuba. Photo Alexandra Yarussi.

Ramon Soares is the creator of the project Afrosurfe, quilombola, a place of Quilombo da Caçandoca, where there are high waves and a beautiful community and who has already learned, like Ramon, the wonders that the ocean brings.

Ramon and part of the children who participate in the Afrosurfe project, on a beach cleaning day. Personal archive.

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