In the Volgograd region, a mad dog rushed at children

In the Chernyshkovsky district, veterinarians are eliminating another focus of rabies infection.

An animal infected with rabies was found in the village of Krasnoye, Volgograd Region. This is reported in the order of the regional veterinary committee published on the website of the regional administration.

In the village, a pet dog of a decorative breed rushed at the children and scratched them. On the same day, the animal died, it was handed over for research.

Households who had contact with the dog asked for medical help, they received all the necessary vaccinations. Now they are under the supervision of doctors.

According to the regional veterinary committee, quarantine was announced in the village. Experts carried out a full range of anti-epidemic measures, vaccinated domestic and farm animals.

Doctors remind Volgograd residents of the precautionary measures: if you are bitten by any animal, including a domestic one, you must immediately go to the hospital. Rabies vaccine is available both in medical institutions and in warehouses of the Volgograd region. The drug is regularly supplied to all areas of the region.

Pet owners are advised to vaccinate their livestock and pets against rabies, and to register all animals at their place of residence.


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