In ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’, Robin de Jesús presents his range

“Boo-boo, you must be wondering,” Michael said to Jonathan, “Right now, are you being guided by fear? Or love?

De Jesús said: “I knew that Michael didn’t need to be pulled and buttoned, that he was someone who sailed as an artist, creative, someone who was depressed and hip, and cool. to advertise as well. “

“It shouldn’t be just one thing,” he continued.

Although de Jesús has appeared in many major films, he speculated that another taller movie star could snag the role of Michael. So he took a risk during his hearing. Miranda was impressed.

“I’ve seen a lot of productions of ‘Tick, Tick… ​​Boom!’ and most of the time, the guy who plays the role of Michael is someone who looks very comfortable being a businessman, very dapper, very fluid, ”Miranda said during a phonecall. “The funny thing about choosing Robin is that you 100% think he’s an artist who thrives in this world. He’s an artist in a business suit.

Miranda and de Jesús go back a long way. (So ​​far, in fact, de Jesús has performed at Miranda’s wedding.) In 2005, de Jesús made her Broadway debut in “Rent” as a member of the ensemble and as a stunt double for Angel, a youngster. drag queen. That same year, he joined the original cast of “In the Heights”, Miranda’s first musical, with a book by Quiara Alegría Hudes.

“Quiara and I realized that every time he had the ball he would spin it crazy and take it out of the park,” Miranda said of Jesús. “I’m mixing my tennis and baseball metaphors, but Robin would too.”

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