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Purchasing gas prices for Ukrainian enterprises have increased by 50% since July. On Saturday, August 6, reports the information portal “Strana”.

According to available data, last month gas for businesses cost about 30 hryvnias ($0.82 at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine) per cubic meter, closer to the beginning of August prices rose to 34 hryvnias ($0.93), and over the past week they reached 45 hryvnias. ($1.23).

It is noted that production, as a rule, purchases energy carriers in advance, so in August fuel purchased at lower prices will still be used, but in September the situation will change. In any case, the rise in gas prices promises to be a difficult test for business. Thus, analysts predict another wave of rising prices for products and a new round of inflation.

To date, representatives of the food sector are talking about the inevitable rise in price of products. Moreover, not all industries will be able to continue working in the current economic conditions.

On July 29, it became known that Ukraine may have financial problems with the purchase of gas, since the United States and Europe cannot guarantee the necessary assistance in solving this problem. According to the agency, there are currently about 11 billion cubic meters in Ukrainian gas storage facilities. m of gas. Kyiv plans to purchase another 5 billion cubic meters. m of gas, which will require approximately $8 billion.

Residents of the country and municipal authorities were advised to take measures to save energy.

On July 26, Naftogaz Ukrainy officially announced a default on Eurobonds. As reported, the Ukrainian Cabinet banned the company from paying on Eurobonds.

On July 20, Naftogaz Ukrainy asked the government of its country for a subsidy of 150 billion hryvnias (about $5 billion) to purchase gas for the heating season. The holding noted that direct budget financing is needed to resolve the issue of gas purchases.

In turn, on July 22, the deputy and ex-speaker of the Rada, the former head of the ruling Servant of the People party, Dmitry Razumkov, said that Ukraine should take part of the Russian gas that goes through transit pipelines to the West. In his opinion, a paradoxical situation has developed for Kyiv, in which the Ukrainian side does not replenish its own storage facilities with the necessary amount of fuel, while “millions of cubic meters of Russian gas are pumped daily.”

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