Indian Prime Minister called for a “vaccination holiday” in the country

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on Thursday to hold a “vaccination holiday” in the country from April 11 to 14 in order to vaccinate as many people as possible against coronavirus, Trend reports citing TASS.

“I call for Tika Utsav (vaccination holiday – TASS) to be held between April 11, when Jyotib Phule’s birthday is celebrated, and April 14, Babasakheb Ambedkar’s birthday,” said the prime minister, whose speech was broadcast by the country’s leading TV channels.

“Efforts should be made to vaccinate as many people as possible during the vaccination holiday. Young people should help all people over 45 years old to get vaccinated,” Modi said. The prime minister expressed confidence that there is no need for India to announce a new lockdown yet, but in areas where the incidence is increasing, it is necessary to introduce a curfew, organize protection zones, and also maximize testing of the population.

“Proactive testing is very important … Now more and more cases are asymptomatic. People feel that they have some kind of pulmonary disease, and then they infect the whole family. Testing and tracing (contacts of cases – TASS note) is the most important now, “the head of government emphasized.

Jyotirao Govindrao Phule (1827-1890) – Indian fighter against caste inequality and for women’s rights. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (1891-1956) is a fighter against untouchability and social discrimination, one of the authors of the Indian constitution.

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