Inspectors of the Primorsky nature reserve rescued a poaching diver

The freezing diver near the uninhabited island of De Livron was found by inspectors of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve. The man spent about four hours in cold water after being disembarked from a boat for illegal seafood fishing, Maria Okulova, head of the public relations department of the Land of the Leopard FSBI, told RG.

The rescued man was in full diving gear. He drew the inspectors’ attention with a shout, and when he was taken aboard, he said that he was brought into the water area of ​​the reserve by the current.

However, before meeting with the diver, the reserve staff saw the lights of the boat in the vicinity, which disappeared as they approached. Therefore, it is possible that the diver was landed in the reserve to fish for seafood. But it was not possible to pick him up at the agreed time, most likely, the friends of the rescued noticed the inspectors and hurried to retreat. If the man had not been found, he could have spent the whole night on a desert island in sub-zero temperatures.

The inspectors took the diver to the cordon and drew up a protocol for him on violation of the reserve regime, and later took him home to the village of Slavyanka.


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