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The INSS (National Social Security Institute) contest, with a thousand vacancies for social security technicians, offers candidates the possibility of exempting the fee of R$ 85. For this, the interested party must comply with the legal requirements and follow the instructions of the notice to get free

Candidates who are part of a family registered in the CadÚnico (Single Registry for Social Programs), of the federal government, whose family income is half a minimum wage per person per month (R$ 606 this year), and bone marrow donor candidates in entities recognized by the Ministry of Health.

The gratuity is requested when the candidate registers for the contest online. If the request is made because the worker is from a low-income family, he must choose the option “Exemption from fee – 1st possibility”. It will be necessary to inform the NIS (Social Information Number) and mark the option stating that it meets the established conditions.

If the request for exemption occurs because you are a bone marrow donor, you must choose the option “Exemption from fee – 2nd possibility”. In this case, it will be necessary to send a certificate or medical report that proves the donation on the website, which organizes the selection. The document must be issued by a doctor from an entity recognized by the Ministry of Health, registered with the CRM (Regional Council of Medicine), proving that the candidate made a bone marrow donation, in addition to the date of donation.

In this case, when accessing the page, the candidate must go to “Contests”, then to “Open Registration” and, finally, to “INSS 22”. Documents must be uploaded using the “Upload fee waiver documentation” link. It is necessary to inform the CPF and the access password created when registering.

No fee waiver will be granted to those who withhold information or lie; defraud or falsify documentation; fail to meet deadlines or send documents that are not legible. According to the tender notice, Cebraspe (Brazilian Center for Research in Evaluation and Selection of Promotion and Events) may request that documents be sent by registered letter.

How to track the fee waiver request

After completing the application, the candidate must follow the Cebraspe page to find out if his application has been accepted. From October 10th to 13th, the provisional status of the fee waiver request will be released.

If you disagree with the result, the worker can appeal. The resource is made on the internet, on the contest page, between October 11 and 13, until 6 pm. On October 19, the final disclosure of the result of those who will be exempt from the fee is scheduled.

If the candidate’s request is actually rejected, even after appeal, it will be necessary to pay the fee of R$ 85 until October 21, accessing the ticket on the contest page. If you do not pay, you will not be able to participate in the contest.

How will the tests

The INSS contest will have two elimination phases: test and course. The course, unprecedented in the history of the institute’s selections, will also be qualifying and should start in January 2023.

The objective tests are scheduled to take place on November 27, lasting 3 hours and 30 minutes. The location of the tests will be announced on the Cebraspe website, on the INSS contest page, on November 16th.

The objective exams are eliminatory and qualifying. In the answer sheet there will be two marking fields: the field designated with code C, which must be filled in by the candidate if he/she judges the item as right, and code E, which must be filled in by the candidate if he/she judges the item to be wrong. It is only possible to mark one of the items.

On December 22, the names of those approved will be announced. Candidates will move on to the second phase, where they will take courses lasting 30 to 45 days. In all, 3,385 professionals must be selected who can be called by the INSS during the validity date of the contest.

The selection will be valid for up to one year after reaching the final.

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