Internet users predicted “knockout in 39 seconds” from Putin to Biden

Readers of the American edition of the Wall Street Journal were skeptical about the prospects of US President Joe Biden during the upcoming meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Comments of this kind were left under an article by Senator Rob Portman, “who advised Biden ahead of the summit.

Portman recommended that Bideman take a tough position in the negotiations, as well as discuss the situation in Belarus and the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Also, according to the senator, Biden should promote the admission of Ukraine and Georgia to NATO and reconsider the decision on Nord Stream 2.

In the comments, some of the readers expressed the point of view that, following the talks, the United States “will appear an even greater laughing stock on the world stage,” and the summit itself will resemble “a duel between Mike Tyson and Michael Johnson: 39 seconds – and a knockout.”


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