investigation opened after a report pinning the management of the city of Mantes-la-Jolie

Investigators are interested in the management and costs of the town hall of Mantes-la-Jolie (Yvelines), pinned in a report from the Regional Chamber of Accounts, we learned Thursday from the Versailles prosecutor’s office.

Asked by AFP, the prosecution said that this preliminary investigation had been opened following a report, after the publication in October of the 120-page report. The Chamber points in particular to “irregular situations“, Including the remuneration of the director general of town hall services, comparable to that reserved for towns of at least 80,000 inhabitants, while Mantes-la-Jolie has 44,000. The report also tackles the management of human resources at the town hall, including one “fixed annual premium of 1,100 euros (…) paid to agents without any legal basis“. Contacted, the LR town hall headed by Raphaël Cognet told AFP that they had followed “all“The recommendations of the House, and underlined that the report also mentioned a”continuous deleveraging“. In its report, the Chamber also points out “multiple costs irregularly covered by the municipality“, As reception costs up to 50,000 euros for the former mayor Michel Vialay, now deputy LR of Yvelines. The Chamber mentions in particular “large purchases of wine bottles“. In this regard, Mr. Vialay said that the costs incurred were in a “managerial logic” and of “team building, According to the report. Asked by AFP, Michel Vialay did not respond.

The Chamber was also interested in two sales of buildings “with questionable regularity“, Because carried out in”very favorable conditions», Different from the market: five buildings at a private Muslim school and a 704m² room at the local representative of the Islamic Confederation Millî Görüs. Members of the town hall are also targeted in another case, concerning the Val Fourré market, a priority district where nearly half of the population lives. In April 2019, an employee was indicted and imprisoned for “organized gang extortionOn the market traders. In this case of the Val Fourré market, the first deputy mayor, Sidi El Haimer, was indicted last March for “subordination of witness». «Mr. El Haimer was questioned this (Thursday) morning by the examining magistrate and claims his innocence“, His lawyer Alexandre Simonin told AFP on Thursday. Raphaël Cognet and Pierre Bedier, former flagship councilor of Mantes-la-Jolie and current LR president of the department, were heard as witnesses.


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