investigation opened after the attack on an “anti-bassine” activist

The activist of the collective “Bassines non merci” was beaten and insulted by two men, earning him hospitalization and fifteen days of ITT.

An investigation has been underway in Deux-Sèvres since the attack on November 18 of an “anti-bassine” activist, Valentin Gendet, who filed a complaint Thursday, November 24 with the gendarmerie of Melle, the prosecutor told AFP. by Niort Julien Wattebled.

According to a press release from the group,Basins no thank you», of which he is a member and which is opposed to a project of water reserves for agricultural use in the Deux-Sèvres, the complainant was attacked at his home in Périgné by two men and insulted him.

Violence, insults towards the activist

Valentin Gendet a «was beaten all over his body and insulted in terms that leave no ambiguity as to the real motivations of his attackers: Motherfucker shit, We piss on you, It is beautiful the antibasin“”, writes the collective.

Hospitalized, the victim was issued with a total incapacity for work (ITT) of 15 days. “I have cracked or broken ribs, broken upper nose, sprained neck, sprained ankle“, told Valentin Gendet to France Bleu.

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«I have the balls to see that in addition to not being heard in the highest echelons of the State and being taken for crazy or eco-terrorists, on top of that we get smashed», explained the young man who calls for calm. “It has never been our doctrine to want to physically attack anyone, it will not be and in any case it will never be mine.».

“Mafia practices”

Several complaints have been filed by other demonstrators after threats or acts of intimidation, classified so far without action, according to Valentin Gendet’s lawyer, Me Hanna Rajbenbach. The latter calls for asystematic and rapid penal response” versus “offenses committed in the context of challenges to land development projects“, reports France Bleu.

According to the press release from the group “Basins no thank you”Valentin Gendet is the nephew of one of the spokespersons, Julien Le Guet,threatened himself on several occasions“. For him, “the Rubicon has been crossed. […] it’s very worrying» and denounces «mafia practices“. He calls the stateso that the tensions on this territory do not ignite, the only solution is the establishment of a moratorium».

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