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The Investigative Committee did not officially comment on the resumption of the case of the former deputies of the head of the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Alexander Krakovsky, Alexander Biryukov and the already former investigator for especially important cases Alexander Bryantsev.

Last year, the Investigative Committee accused them of abuse of office in easing a measure of restraint for the capital’s businessman Albert Khudoyan. But the Prosecutor General’s Office refused to confirm this accusation and returned the volumes for further investigation. Then the UK tried to appeal this decision, but nothing came of it.

Recall that a criminal case against Biryukov, Krakovsky and Bryantsev was initiated back in April 2020. And it was quite loud. But they do not admit guilt. According to the investigation, Krakovsky and Biryukov misled the Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Romanov and assisted in the transfer of the owner of the Optima Development company Albert Khudoyan from the pre-trial detention center to house arrest.

The ex-owner of the construction company, Khudoyan, was charged with a particularly large-scale fraud in the amount of 3.75 billion rubles. It was about very expensive plots of land for commercial development almost in the center of the capital. The courts several times refused to consider the case of the businessman Khudoyan due to numerous procedural violations.

It was a surprisingly long-suffering criminal case, in which almost all law enforcement agencies worked. At first, the metropolitan police dealt with the businessman. Then the case was taken higher – to the Department for Investigation of Organized Criminal Activities of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

At first, the businessman was in a pre-trial detention center. Then, when it came to the capital’s investigative headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the question arose that he could be sent under house arrest. At the request of the investigator for especially important cases Bryantsev, the businessman was transferred from custody to house arrest, and the interim measures in respect of the land plots belonging to him were canceled.

This is where the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation appeared. First, he took over the business of businessman Khudoyan and began to investigate, and then the case against his colleagues in the police investigation, who were involved in Khudoyan.

The defense of Biryukov, Krakovsky and Bryantsev and Khudoyan’s lawyers categorically deny any conspiracy between them.


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