Investigative Committee opened a case against the organizer of the sect in Ryazan

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against a resident of Ryazan, accused of creating and leading the sect. This was announced on June 7 by the website of the regional SU.

According to the department, from September to November 2020, the 49-year-old Ryazanka conducted pseudo-worship services in a rented room, applying to adherents “technologies of psychological influence that support addictive behavior and contribute to the development of mental disorders.”

Investigators also found that the detainee conducted individual “sermons” over the phone, subjecting victims to psychological abuse. During searches in the sect’s premises and apartment, the women found religious literature and electronic media.

The activities of the organization were stopped by the FSB officers.

At the request of the investigation, the court sent the woman under house arrest. The investigation is ongoing.


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