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Accused of “forgery in public writing” by the defense lawyers after an investigation by Mediapart, the investigators plead their good faith in The Parisian. The daily met three of them.

Since the verdict of April 17 and the acquittal of eight defendants, the investigators of the Departmental Security (SD) of Essonne in charge of the investigation into the ambush of Viry-Chatillon have been under fire from critics. Defense lawyers accuse investigators of “forgery in public writing” and “willful violence by a person holding public authority”, after an investigation by Mediapart cast doubt.

In the columns of Parisian , three investigators react to the accusations, for “make another bell sound“. They respond point by point to the accusations.

  • On the too close proximity to the victims

The police deny having pressured to recover the investigation. “There was too much media and political pressure around the investigators, said Me Sarah Mauger-Poliak, one of the lawyers. To deal with a case on his close colleagues, it was undoubtedly too much emotion.An argument that the police officers questioned by The Parisian . «We would have worked the same if they weren’t the policeOne of them says. “We are professionals, we know how to work without emotional chargeAnother said.

  • On verbal violence

The investigation is long and difficult. The inhabitants do not speak. It is unlocked thanks to the testimonies of informants, which allow arrests and interrogations. In his investigation, Mediapart, accuses, video in support, the police officers of verbal violence and psychological pressure towards the arrested young people. At Parisian , the police do not deny some verbal abuse. “You don’t question a potential criminal by offering him tea, explains one of them. (…) These young people have always dealt with the police, have had lawyers since their childhood, are not afraid of us. You can imagine that we will not take the first answer at face value.»

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  • On the charge of forgery in public writing

According to lawyers, police officers wrote the minutes “By modifying the meaning of the statements, by evading the protests of innocence, a large number of detailed explanations and without recording the requests for verification of the elements proving the absence of involvement” of their two clients.

The police contest and one of them insists that “what they said was written“. He justifies the differences between the PV and the interview transcripts by the length of the latter. It is therefore necessary to condense, but also “reformulate“To put in”good French».

  • On the intervention of the court-appointed lawyer

Key moment in the survey of Mediapart : the intervention of the officially appointed lawyer, who urges his client to confess his participation in the attack. In the filmed interview, the lawyer tells him that he was probably the victim of a “black-outAnd that he no longer remembers his own presence.

«Even when there is a lawyer, we find a way to say that he is rotten!»Answers one of the policemen Parisian , emphasizing that the young man “kept changing alibis during his audition“. Investigators accuse Mediapart of having published only a part of the audition, and of having kept only an incomplete part.

To date, five of the thirteen accused have been convicted on appeal, and eight others released. A verdict too lenient for the police, a “miscarriage of justice», For Me Sarah Mauger-Poliak. Three of the five convicted have already appealed to the Supreme Court.


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