Iran’s fight for freedom is not over. Where are all the so-called feminists?

I was born and raised in Iran. I have experienced the consequence of placing the hijab a little sloppily on my head and being caught by the morality police. This is not a pleasant experience, and it is a short path to prison terms, harassment and even the death penalty.

I will never cease to be amazed at the media world and several of the spokespeople for women’s rights and human rights. Let’s take the fight for equality and the so-called feminists. This still amazes me. Where is the solidarity with the women of Iran and other women who suffer under sharia law? This does not only apply to Iran, because what about Afghanistan?

Norway brings in the Taliban from Afghanistan in private planes, paid for by the Norwegian state. The reason is that dialogue is so important. How naive is it possible to be? These people believe that they even have the right to lie, if it benefits Islam. We learned this at school in Iran. What was the result after meetings and promises that girls should get rights, including education and schooling?

The result was the exact opposite, even more oppression of women and children.


Where are the women’s activists?

So back to Iran. 15,000 people have been arrested after demonstrating against the authorities. These are waiting to be executed. Where are the media and the women’s activists? One is tempted to believe that the women’s activists in several Western countries are selfishly motivated when they run around the streets with slogans because they believe that someone has stepped on their toes.

As a woman, I am shocked when I see Norwegian women’s activists’ lack of commitment to women who risk being killed if they don’t wear the hijab, a garment that oppresses women. Do you really know how well off you are in Norway?

Norway is a wonderful country where you can say and mean what you want. I am so happy to live in such a country, but my heart bleeds for my homeland Iran. Women and men in Iran fight for basic rights that we take for granted in Norway. I mean, of course, that women in Norway should fight for their rights in Norway, but where is their solidarity with women in Iran and other countries that oppress women and children?

How much does it really take to arouse the media’s interest? How much will it take for politicians to really understand that these dialogues are useless, and that there must be stronger measures? Politicians and diplomats are very interested in dialogue. Dialogue is of course important if you are dealing with countries and authorities that want to contribute to something, but you cannot have a reasonable dialogue with criminal regimes like Iran.

Dialogue is better than war, yes, but what to do when dialogue does not lead? While dialogue is attempted, the killings of the population continue.

When NRK’s ​​foreign correspondent Sidsel Wold interviewed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the resigned leader of Iran with blood on his hands, she was equipped with a hijab and behaved like a giggling little girl. What is this? The reports from Iran by NRK and several media contain many errors.

Furthermore, where is our prime minister and the Norwegian government? Apart from Norway’s Storting president, Masud Gharahkhani (AP), and the Conservatives’ parliamentary representative, Mahmod Farahmand, Sylvi Listhaug (FRP), Erlend Wiborg (FRP) and Guri Melby (V), there is remarkably little involvement from Norwegian politicians. I have written e-mails to several of them and have only received replies from those mentioned.

Religion and freedom of expression

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of Iran and deposed president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, calls on Muslims worldwide to annihilate Israel. These leaders are teaching the children to hate Israel, Judaism and Christianity. They learn this at school. Muslims believe that Judaism and Christianity must convert to Islam, otherwise they are infidels. At school we learned that those who profess Judaism and Christianity can be killed.

It is not legal in Iran to recruit members to Judaism or Christianity. Converting from Islam can result in the death penalty. At school we were encouraged not to be friends with those who belonged to another faith, that these people were unclean.

Muslims in Norway receive support from Iran and Saudi Arabia to build mosques. Norway also provides support for this. Building churches and synagogues in Iran has been banned for 43 years. Exercising these religions in the form of private gatherings can result in the death penalty. Iran supplies terrorist organizations such as Hamas with resources and weapons, so that they can continue to carry out their terrorist activities against Israel.

Israel retaliates for the attacks, and is blamed in the media. The matter is not black and white and it mostly affects civilians and children, unfortunately. Why is there not more focus on the terrorist organizations that constantly attack Israel? One must remember that these have only one goal and that is to annihilate Israel. With such premises there can never be peace.

The ideology of the Iranian regime is to supply allied terrorists to fight the West and Israel. In Syria, many thousands of innocent opponents of Iran-allied Assad were killed with Iran’s blessing and weapons assistance. In Afghanistan, the Taliban has always received support from Iran. Many NATO soldiers have been killed as a result of Iran’s support for the Taliban, even before the Taliban came to power.

Norway and the West spend a lot of money to supply Ukraine. This is very good. At the same time, Norway continues to cooperate with Iran, which supplies Russia with expertise, suicide drones and missiles. Norway must stop cooperating with Iran, and remove Iran’s ambassador. We must withdraw the invitation to Iran’s ambassador to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. His participation is a mockery of those who fight for peace, freedom of speech and freedom.

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Child marriage in Iran

In Iran, children can be married off from the age of around 9. I had to marry a man who was chosen for me. I was 17 years old and lucky compared to these nine year olds. When I came to Norway as a refugee, I was granted a divorce and later married a man of my own choosing.

One can only imagine what it means when a nine-year-old marries a grown man. This is a great crime against the child. Why on earth should one negotiate with such a country? This is beyond my comprehension.

I ask that the media, politicians, women’s activists and all other groups support our cause to a greater extent. We live in troubled times and must not always take everything for granted, but fight for those who suffer injustice.

In Iran, a women’s revolution and struggle against the regime has been going on for 70 days. Over 500 have been killed and 15,000 people arrested. Many women have been raped. The reasons for the rapes are that the virginity is taken, and with this the possibility of going to paradise is taken away. Women and men are brutally tortured.

227 out of 290 Iranian MPs want the 15,000 arrested protesters executed.

The Norwegian writer Arnulf Øverland once wrote: “You shouldn’t bear so heartily the injustice that doesn’t affect you!”

Norwegian politicians: Stop only condemning and stop dialogue. We need action!

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