Is there really a chronic form of Lyme disease?

DECRYPTION – Many patients receive unnecessary long-term antibiotic treatments, according to Prof. Éric Caumes. But why ?

With the Covid-19 pandemic, it had almost completely disappeared from the media radars. Lyme disease resurfaces, with the recent publication of the book Lyme Disease – Reality or Sham? (Ed. Books). Its author, Prof. Éric Caumes, infectious disease specialist at La Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital (Paris), denounces the alleged abuses of certain doctors, media and patient associations, but also of health authorities on this infectious disease transmitted by ticks. . Professor Caumes takes issue with the “Lyme doctors“, Those doctors who claim that there is a chronic form that could only be treated with a cocktail of long-term drugs.

With 104 cases diagnosed per 100,000 inhabitants in 2019, less than a thousand patients hospitalized in France each year and no deaths on the clock, Lyme disease is far from being a major public health problem, estimates the professor. Rather, according to him, the real danger is

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