Is working from home the future of employees? … prominent companies are adopting the move

Many companies in America are now considering how to bring employees back to the office, with Citigroup saying they hope 30% of their US workforce will be in the office this summer, while New York City plans to bring 80,000 employees back into the city starting next month.

But even with the increase in vaccinations – 55% of adults say that returning to the normality that prevailed before the epidemic today would be moderately to highly dangerous to their health. Spotify – which employs 3,000 US employees – says they can work anywhere now.

According to Katarina Berg, Spotify’s director of human resources, what the company aims to “is 100% freedom and flexibility,” noting that the epidemic has proven that their new model will work in the long term, adding that “neither productivity nor efficiency has decreased. I think it’s the future of work.” “.


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