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The Taliban have confirmed it executed Abu Omar Khorasani, former leader of the Islamic State in the Khorasan, in an Afghanistan prison. ISK are the group behind the Kabul airport suicide bombing last month

The Taliban has confirmed it executed Abu Omar Khorasani

A former leader of the murderous terror group behind the Kabul Airport bombing last month has been executed by the Taliban.

The Taliban has confirmed it executed Abu Omar Khorasani, former top commander of the Islamic State in the Khorasan, in an Afghanistan prison in mid-August.

Khorasani was a figurehead of the twisted death cult n Afghanistan – the group that was behind the attack in Kabul Airport in August that killed at least 180 people.

When the Taliban came to power, they took over the Pul-i-Charkhi prison where Khorasani was being held.

Some reports claimed he had already been freed from the prison with thousands of other inmates.

But the Wall Street Journal reported that he had been shot dead along with eight others.

Then, over this weekend, the Taliban confirmed that Khorasani had been killed, according to the Lebanese television station, al-Mayadeen.

The Wall Street Journal reported Khorasani was shot dead in prison last month



Khorasani was on death row at the time the Taliban took over. After being captured by US and Afghan forces in May 2020, he had reportedly been sentenced to 800 years in prison and given the death penalty.

The WSJ said it interviewed Khorasani two days before he died, and at that time he believed he would be released.

He told them: “They will let me free if they are good Muslims.”

Khorasani was on death row before the Taliban took over in Afghanistan



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Khorasani was reportedly taken from his prison cell and shot. His execution represents a message that the Taliban will not work with Islamic State terrorists.

ISK was first formed in 2015, taking over ground formerly occupied by al-Qaeda.

Khorasani took over as leader when Abdul Haseeb Logari was killed in April 2017. The group later boasted about capturing Osama Bin Laden’s cave in the Tora Bora mountains.

ISK jihadis have since launched a number of attacks against the Taliban as well as on Nato and Afghan troops.

Experts believe ISIS-K views the Taliban as ‘too moderate’



Last year, gunmen stormed a maternity hospital killing 16 innocent people including newborn babies.

It also took responsibility for last month’s bombing in Kabul Airport, in which 13 US troops and 170 civilians died, including two British people who had flown over to rescue family members.

Dr Rakib Ehsan, research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, told The Sun Online that ISK views the Taliban as “too moderate”.

“ISK believes the Taliban is a reformist movement which betrays Islam and they are swooping up disillusioned (ex-members) who share this view,” he said.

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