Israel allows far-right march in Jerusalem’s Old City, with conditions


Israeli flags march

Israeli officials have announced that they will allow a far-right rally in the Old City of Jerusalem next week, subject to certain conditions.

Several Israeli extremist right-wing groups had planned a march with flags at Bab al-Amud in the Old City, through Muslim neighborhoods, next Thursday, prompting the Palestinian “Hamas” movement to warn of renewed fighting if it were to take place.

Right-wing groups canceled Thursday’s rally after police refused to grant it a permit.

After a meeting of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, the latter’s office said that “the ministers agreed on the possibility of organizing the march next week if its organizers and the police reach an agreement,” noting that “the main issue is the path that the march will take.”

He added that “the flags march will be held on Tuesday, June 15, according to a plan that will be agreed upon between the police and the march organizers.”

Netanyahu faces the prospect of his long rule coming to an end on Sunday when the Knesset (parliament) votes on a government of diverse parties united to oust him.

If the parliament votes to approve the government, the decision to proceed with the march will be returned to Naftali Bennett, the candidate for prime minister, and his partner, opposition leader Yair Lapid.

Source: “Reuters”

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