Israel reveals details of the targeting of “Al-Jalaa Tower” in Gaza.. Its ambassador meets representatives of “Associated Press”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Israeli army revealed additional details about targeting the “Al-Jalaa Tower” last month during the “guardian of the fences” operation on the Gaza Strip, at a time when the Israeli ambassador to America and the United Nations met with a number of board members The Associated Press, in which the building was the headquarters of its employees in the sector.

The Israeli army spokesman for Arab media, Avichai Adraei, published what he said were additional details about the targeting of the tower, on his official Twitter account, and confirmed that the tower was being used by Hamas in operations related to “electrical intelligence or signal”, which was trying to disrupt the system. Iron Dome Halal the launch of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Adraei added, “The targeting of the building came with the aim of reducing those capabilities, including destroying special equipment and preventing its use during the military campaign. According to estimates, the equipment was inside the tower during the targeting process, as it was destroyed to ensure the destruction of all special equipment. Al-Jalaa Tower was of high military importance to Hamas. ‘, as he put it.

The IDF Spokesman continued: “Given the nature of the target, the IDF issued warnings to civilians residing in the building prior to the attack, and made great efforts to allow civilians to evacuate the building, and the evacuation process was accurate and as a result no civilians were injured. This event proves that Hamas deliberately acted From the heart of civilian residential neighborhoods in Gaza,” he said.

The tower, which was destroyed by the Israeli army, housed offices of the American “Associated Press” and was the headquarters of the work of Al-Jazeera correspondents in the Strip and a number of other media organizations.

The Israeli ambassador to Washington and the United Nations met with a number of agency officials and explained the situation, the reasons for the targeting, and the logistical and military importance of the targeted building for Hamas.

For its part, the agency expressed its appreciation for the meeting held by the Israeli ambassador in America with its officials, in which he affirmed Israel’s readiness to help rebuild the agency’s headquarters and stressed Israel’s keenness on freedom of the press and journalists, according to a statement issued by the agency.


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