Israel threatens Hizbullah: Any action meets a response that affects all of Lebanon

Israel threatened Tuesday that it would respond to any actions by Hezbollah that threaten its security, with a harsh response that affects Lebanon and its people as well. “If the threats of Hezbollah turn into actions, the result will be painful for him and its leaders, and unfortunately for the Lebanese people as well,” said Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

He also added, “Our response will be painful for the Lebanese people, which Hezbollah uses as a human shield and hides weapons and missile stores under their homes.”

“We will not accept an Iranian positioning”

In turn, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed that his country “will not tolerate any Iranian military positioning in Syria aimed at endangering Israel’s security and will not compromise on developing high-precision missiles, whether in Syria or Lebanon.”

He also said: “There are those who threaten us to pay a painful price in the context of a confrontation. If these threats materialize, our response will be tens of times greater.”

Earlier Tuesday, Netanyahu said that his country would not allow the “extremist and aggressive” Iranian regime to acquire nuclear weapons, nor would it count on any agreement with him. “We do not count on any agreement with an extremist regime like yours, and we have already seen the feasibility of the agreements concluded with extremist regimes such as yours, over the past century and the present as well, with the North Korean government,” he added, directing his words to Iran.

“Regardless of whether there is an agreement or not, we will do everything in our power to prevent the supply of nuclear weapons to you,” he said.

It is noteworthy that the past months have witnessed an intensification of air strikes on sites belonging to the regime forces and militias loyal to Iran, while Israel rarely adopts these attacks, but it often confirms and reiterates that it will not allow an Iranian position in Syria that threatens its security.

In addition, last month, Israeli sources threatened Hezbollah with a harsh response if it moved on the borders or tried to target Israeli sites and interests, stressing that it had a map with a bank of targets in all of Lebanon.

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