It feels good to have someone to hate

Oslo City Council has, following a proposal from Rødt, decided to raise the Palestinian flag in front of the city hall on 29 November. When the municipality of Oslo has started to interfere in Norwegian foreign policy, they have chosen an exceptionally bad case.

According to Avisa Oslo, Oslo municipality will fly the Palestinian flag in front of Oslo City Hall on 29 November this year. One might as well call the Palestinian flag the PLO flag, because it was the PLO that declared it the flag of the non-existent state of Palestine, which has been in constant conflict with Israel since 1948.

But why exactly on November 29?

First, some history

Because the UN has decided that this should be “the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”, and the date has been chosen because on this date in 1947, the UN General Assembly decided that the then British mandate area of ​​Palestine should be divided into two – a Jewish and an Arab state . The reason was, of course, that after the holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were brutally murdered, there was international agreement that a separate homeland had to be established for those who remained of Europe’s Jews. And the natural choice was the desert area that went by the name of Palestine, which the British administered, but which did not belong to any other nation-state.

Half a year later, on 14 May 1948, the State of Israel declared its independence with David Ben Gurion as the country’s first prime minister. The country’s borders were declared in accordance with the UN resolution of 29 November 1947. The surrounding Arab countries had already attacked the new state, and the war did not end until the parties agreed to a cease-fire in 1949 – without this bringing about any changes in Israel’s borders with the outside world. It was the first time the Arab countries attacked Israel, and as most people have probably realized, it was not the last time.

For those who want to know more about what happened in 1948, it is recommended to listen to the lecture George Deek gave at Litteraturhuset on 27 September 2014, before he resigned as embassy secretary at the Israeli embassy in Oslo. He is currently Israel’s ambassador to Azerbaijan. George Deek is a Christian Arab and at the time gave an unparalleled history lesson, based on his own family’s history. Hearing what George Deek said at the time is 30 minutes well spent.

So it is on this day – November 29 – that the majority in Oslo City Council have chosen to raise the Palestinian flag, following a proposal from the representatives from Rødt, Siavash Mobasheri and Ylva Holm Torsteinson. The day the Arab countries got the opportunity to form their own state in the then British mandate area of ​​Palestine, which they flatly refused and instead chose to go to war against the state of Israel which declared its independence in accordance with the UN resolution.

History is obviously not among the socialists’ strong points.

Why not November 26?

Every year, on 22 July, we mark what happened in the Government Quarter and on Utøya in 2011. There are many good reasons for that, because it is a national trauma that must never be forgotten. But why don’t we also mark November 26? It was on this day in 1942 that the German troop transport ship Danube left Akershuskaia with 529 Norwegian Jews on board, most of whom were sent straight to the gas chambers on arrival at Auschwitz. Only nine returned. The story is well told in Geir Svardal’s excellent book about Cissi Klein, which we reviewed in an article on 25 September.

This year it is 80 years since it happened, and under the auspices of the HL center, a commemoration was organized in Oslo City Hall on 24 November. Shouldn’t this be something Oslo municipality was responsible for? It was in Oslo that it happened, and it was the police in Oslo who together with the German occupying forces ensured that the Norwegian Jews were picked up and brought to Akershuskaia where the ship to the gas chambers was waiting.

Shouldn’t this qualify for an annual celebration organized by Oslo municipality on 26 November? When Oslo municipality is first to pursue foreign policy, isn’t this a significantly more important date to mark instead of marking the start of the Arab attacks on Israel over the past 75 years? In an Oslo where anti-Semitism is rampant – especially in schools? And it is imported.

For example, by raising the Israeli flag in front of the town hall?

Eternal victim status

It has been said of the Palestinians – who are in reality Arabs who have moved to what is today called the West Bank from the surrounding countries – that they have never let an opportunity pass to let an opportunity pass. It started with the UN decision on 29 November 1947, when they were given the opportunity to establish yet another Arab country. Instead, they have used the years that have passed to constantly attack Israel. Israel, for its part, has transformed the desert area it was allocated in 1947 into the Middle East’s only democracy, where the Arab population enjoys democratic rights that Arabs living in Arab countries do not have. At the same time, today there are hardly any Jews left in the Arab countries – most have chosen to flee to Israel

The Palestinians today have self-government within their own territory, but refuse to take responsibility for their own situation. Instead, they doubt their own victim position because money is involved.

With Norway at the head of the “donor country group”, enormous sums are poured into the thoroughly corrupt leadership under Palestinian President Abbas. He was elected in 2005 and has later postponed all attempts at re-election.

It is this that the majority in Oslo municipality has decided they will fly the flag for on 29 November. However, the reality is quite different.

The left has – like the Palestinians – never accepted Israel’s existence. The Palestine Committee in Norway has chosen as its symbol a figure that represents the entire land area that includes Israel and the so-called West Bank, which in Israel is called Judea and Samaria. When the left, including the Palestine Committee, demand a free Palestine, this is the land they are talking about. The PLO refers to the area as “from the river to the sea”, that is from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. It therefore includes the State of Israel.

Hoisting the PLO flag in front of Oslo City Hall therefore implies nothing but anti-Semitism. The flag is flown in sympathy for those who want to wipe out Israel as an independent state. This is a desire to reverse the UN decision of 29 November 1947. Israel will then be wiped out as the world’s only Jewish state.

But for the left in Oslo city council, it sure feels good to have someone to hate.

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