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Photo of the press service of the “LisaAlert” detachment

The megalopolis needs a special system of bonuses for the responsible use of electric scooters, and aggressive drivers can be punished up to being disconnected from the rental systems, said Oleg Leonov, coordinator of LisaAlert. In his opinion, it is also necessary to limit the speed of movement of scooters within the city, where there are no special bike paths. “The future has come, and we are now at the beginning of a wave of rapid growth in the means of individual mobility,” Leonov said at the round table “Individual microtransport” at the site of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF). – It is necessary to create infrastructure, including year-round, and not stifle the new with bans. But in turn, rental companies need to strictly monitor violations of the rules. Where not, it is necessary to limit the speed to 15 km / h. It is also unacceptable to drive an electric scooter in a state of alcoholic intoxication, for this you need to be sent to the black list. ” Also, according to Leonov, it is important to separate the flows of pedestrians and drivers of scooters, as well as introduce uniform clear rules for rental and private scooters.

According to the coordinator of the “LisaAlert” squadron, the sphere of renting electric scooters can be effectively regulated on condition of cooperation between the state, business and the townspeople themselves. The roundtable participants came to the conclusion that it is necessary to impose speed limits in the city, collect a single database of traffic offenders, prohibit group trips on one scooter, and develop a culture of movement around the city.


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