Italian Senator calls for a maritime embargo in the central Mediterranean


Italian Parliament

Italian Senator Giovanni Battista Fat Solari called for a maritime embargo in the central Mediterranean region “against corruption and the death of immigrants.”

“There are more than 10,000 illegal arrivals of migrants by sea that have been recorded in the past four months,” Fat Scolari, director of the National Program of the “Brothers of Italy” party, said in a press statement.

“This number is three times the number of immigrants arriving during the year 2020 when the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement ruled, while the Draghi government was able to do worse than Conte’s pro-immigrant government,” he added.

He continued, “There is no justification for this, given the fact that most irregular migrants come from countries where there is no war or emergency, such as Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Bangladesh.”

“These unacceptable statements confirm that the only way to combat mass irregular migration is the one that our party and its president, Gorga Meloni, has always referred to: the naval blockade that is implemented in agreement with the authorities of North African countries,” he stressed.

And he considered that “this is the only way to restore legitimacy and stop death at sea.”

Source: “adnki”

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