Italy … a school that forces its superior student to blindfold her during the exam



Education in Italy during the Pandemic Period – Archive

Italian media reported that a school forced a student who was receiving distance education to blindfold her during an exam to prevent her from cheating, which angered the educational community.

Local newspapers published a picture of the 15-year-old student, blindfolded with a black scarf in front of a computer screen, due to the unusually good school results she achieved, which raised doubts among her school that forced her to blindfold her.

The girl expressed her feelings of “humiliation” in front of her friends, who decided to communicate their objection through social networks and refer to the authorities in the case, while the School Affairs Department opened an investigation into the incident, which sparked many comments from political parties.

For her part, Deputy Education Minister Barbara Floridia commented, saying, “The culture of doubt is not included in the school’s goals … the step taken by the school seems to me excessive and inappropriate … I express my solidarity with the student.”

The Students’ Union asked the government to implement the law on the rights of students who receive their lessons from a distance, which was drafted by the union, while other students at the same school confirmed that they had to undergo exams, with the permanent attachment to the screen, which prevents them from reading the lessons.

Italian students are among the most affected among their peers in European schools due to the closure of schools since the start of the pandemic, as schools in the country have been partially or completely closed for 30 weeks within a year.

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