‘I’ve never deleted photos’, says Luciano Huck about his reputation for deleting images from canceled friends – 06/08/2021 – Television

Sao Paulo

The participation of Luciano Huck, 49, in Papo de Segunda (GNT) had the objective of publicizing the documentary “2021: The year that didn’t begin”, produced by him during the pandemic and recently released. The presenter, however, didn’t escape some teasing during the conversation and reacted with good humor—or changed the subject.

“I never deleted photos,” he said of his reputation for deleting images with friends involved in investigations or canceled online. “I have a photo with a lot of people, but I never deleted it”.

The presenter Fábio Porchat even quoted federal deputy Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), whom Huck was once close to and who would be the “ground zero” of the global photo eraser legend.

Huck changed the subject. “Man, I have a lot of pictures, with a lot of people,” he said.

According to the presenter, the photos that provoke criticism on social networks are with people he did not know had done wrong things or who would commit irregularities.

“I am a street guy, a guy who has never been trapped. I like the streets, I like traveling, being in places. And the more you expose yourself, the more risks you take. I always took risks,” he said.

Huck also said he thinks it’s important to change your mind when it’s necessary.

Another “fair skirt” moment happened when Porchat asked a question, in the form of a prank, indirectly quoting the actress Juliana Paes, involved in controversy with other artists after recording a video in which she declares to be against Bolsonaro and Lula and cites “communist delusions”.

“Dear colleague Luciano, my name is Juliana and I’m from peace,” read Porchat, as if he were talking about a message from #ajudaLuciano, a hashtag directed at the presenter in reference to the donations he makes in his program. “I had some delusions, I militated publicly, I was harshly criticized. I would like to know if I should make one more video to explain myself or is it better to keep my delusions a secret?”, he continued.

Huck and the other presenters chuckled, he asked to think, and once again lost it: “Next,” he said, asking for another question to be asked.

The program had the participation of Angelica, through a message recorded on video. The presenter said that she likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her husband and won a declaration from Huck.

“I’m really crazy about it. It’s a person who did me so well,” he said. According to Huck, Angelica is the most normal and spiritual person he knows.


The documentary “2021: The year that didn’t begin” addresses the connections of today’s world, reflecting on themes such as inequality, education, politics, poverty and technology.

It was planned by Huck in the first months of the pandemic, when he was isolated at home and decided to interview several national and international personalities about current issues.

The interviews were turned into the documentary and will also be released in book format.

The film is available on Globoplay.


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