James Bond is being assassinated!

ANALYSIS – In this 25th James Bond adventure, Her gracious Majesty’s agent resists all temptations. A loving loyalty that would have become a pledge of modernity.

“Allowed … not to spoil anything”. The injunction is launched on Twitter by Universal. The American firm would like nothing to be revealed about this 25th James Bond adventure. A shame, when she used her license to kill 007, at least symbolically. The iconic white male over 50 is gone. Rest in peace. The film directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga which, after 20 months of pandemic, will undoubtedly save the cinema (it records the best launch of the year in France), has failed to protect the spy we loved so much .

We must resort to the past because the culture of erasure – sorry, the cancel culture – got the better of this “Sexist and misogynistic dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War” (tirade by M, in Goldeneye). In To die can wait, he doesn’t ride electric yet and still drinks vodka-martini (mixed with a shaker and not with a spoon), but his relationship with women has changed considerably. Note that they have also disappeared from the credits.

Le Figaro

Freedom is also to go to the end of a debate.

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