Jandrei cites learning after Monday’s defeat, but nails feet on the ground

São Paulo suffered a heavy blow last Monday when they were defeated by Palmeiras, in stoppage time, in the Brazilian Championship. This Thursday, for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, the script was similar, but with a different outcome. Tricolor opened the scoring again with Patrick, however, this time, they managed to hold the result until the final whistle, ensuring the important 1-0 triumph over Verdão.

After the match, goalkeeper Jandrei thanked the fans for their support in the stands, even after the frustrating defeat at the beginning of the week, and guaranteed that the Choque-Rei valid for the Brazilian Championship ended up serving as a learning experience for the squad.

“Thanking the fans for their support from start to finish, in the other match it was also like that. Unfortunately, we left with an adverse score, we went home upset just like them, we feel, most of them can’t sleep after a defeat like that. But it served as a learning experience, it helped us to arrive today and play a great game. Thank the fans once again for believing in us, for this support, to count on them also for Sunday in the game against Juventude, for the Brazilian. We will continue to work, together with them, to put São Paulo where it deserves”, said Jandrei to Prime Video.

This Thursday, more than 38 thousand fans were present at Morumbi. The São Paulo team had a great celebration when the delegation arrived at the stadium, and the players corresponded within the four lines, undermining Palmeiras’ attacks throughout the 90 minutes.

“Congratulations to the team on the victory. We took a step in this 180-minute game, nothing is decided, we have to keep our feet on the ground, now let’s think about Juventude. We left very frustrated with the way it was [o jogo de segunda-feira], we learn from our mistakes. Today we played a great game today, we scored well when we had to score. Important to come out with the victory. Now think about Sunday’s game, against Juventude”, he continued.

With a 1-0 victory this Thursday, São Paulo will need just a draw in the return game, on July 14, at Allianz Parque, to advance to the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. However, in the final of this year’s Campeonato Paulista, Tricolor beat Palmeiras by a more elastic score (3 to 1) and even then saw the rival reverse the result playing at home (4 to 0). Therefore, the alert remains on at the Barra Funda CT.

“Each game is a story, playoffs we have another 90 minutes inside their house. Let’s prepare for that, play a great game there and go in search of classification. Keep your feet on the ground. Now think about the Brazilian, then the South American and then think about the return game”, he concluded.

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