Japan is modifying its helicopter carriers to work with F-35 fighters

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Naval News reported that Japan is making modifications to its multi-purpose helicopter carriers to be able to work with its fifth-generation F-35 stealth fighters.

And an article published by the site on the topic stated, “The Japanese helicopter carrier Izumo recently returned to the port of Yokosuka after it underwent the first stage of modification with the aim of converting it into a ship capable of transporting F-35B stealth fighters. This ship is supposed to be transformed into a light multi-purpose aircraft carrier, But it will not be able to work with the F-35B until it undergoes the second stage of the modification.”

According to the site, the first phase of the modification of the said ship lasted for a year and 3 months, during which the deck and hull were re-equipped and provided with special hangars to accommodate the fighters, and in 2025 Izumo is supposed to undergo another phase of modifications, during which the shape of its bow will also be changed.

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Specifications of the new Russian helicopter

Available information indicates that Japan intends to modify another helicopter carrier Kaga to turn it into a ship to transport F-35B fighters, and the ship’s modernization process is supposed to start in 2022 to last about 14 months.

The Izumo and Kaga ships are similar in terms of specifications, as they are 248 meters long and 38 meters wide, and one ship can carry 14 helicopters and a crew of 970 people.

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