Japan will tighten rules for defense procurement

The Japanese authorities will tighten the rules for conducting defense purchases, as well as checks on suppliers of weapons and equipment. This was reported on Sunday by the Nikkei newspaper, Trend reports with reference to TASS.

New legislation is expected to be passed in the coming years, giving the government the power to push for changes, including in existing defense contracts, if problems with suppliers are discovered. The Japanese Ministry of Defense provides contractors with information on the needs and activities of the Self-Defense Forces. Any leak of such data can reveal weaknesses and reveal secret details, and therefore the criteria for checking suppliers are expected to be toughened.

The inspections will cover the supplied components themselves, as well as the computers and internet connections used by the suppliers. Until now, such checks have remained at the discretion of the contractors themselves. As conceived by the Japanese authorities, this will reduce the risks in the event of cyberattacks.

The corresponding law is planned to be prepared by 2023. Tightening the rules will significantly restrict the use of Chinese-made products, as well as lead to an increase in the share of Japanese companies in this segment and an expansion of cooperation with the United States on the armament program. Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is one of the first to face restrictions after the adoption of new rules, the newspaper notes.

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