Jenny Morrison included in government’s re-election campaign launch

In a video alongside senior government ministers, the Prime Minister’s ‘secret weapon’ told Australians why Scott Morrison should be re-elected.

Jenny Morrison says her husband has always been prepared to tackle whatever lands on his desk, as Scott Morrison pleads his case for re-election.

During his campaign launch – which came six days before the May 21 official polling day – Mr Morrison announced a number of plans, including housing policies he hopes will get more people into their own homes.

The Prime Minister, taking to the stage in Brisbane in a 50 minute speech to hundreds of party faithfuls, said he was asking Australians to vote him in for a second term because he’s “just warming up”.

Before he took to the stage, Mrs Morrison appeared on a video alongside senior government frontbenchers, talking about how much of a challenge the Covid-19 pandemic had caused.

Mrs Morrison said she recalled seeing the local shops “just slowly closing up” back in early 2020.

“Whatever came across his (Scott’s) desk, he would just be right – what are we going to do about this now?” she said.

Mr Morrison recalled how quickly he had needed to act to protect Australia and Australians when the pandemic first reared its head.

“I remember the morning, going through the briefs … and I was (saying we are) going to have to shut the border, and we have to do it now, and do it today, and I rang every single one of the premiers and (New Zealand) Prime Minister (Jacinta) Ardern,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison said because his government had taken such strong, decisive action, Australia was now able to pull through the “other side” of the pandemic and keep building “a strong economy”.

The biggest pillar of Mr Morrison’s re-election pitch on Sunday was home buying, something he said has “never been easy”, but for many is “the largest asset you will ever own”.

In addition to incentivising empty nesters to downsize, a re-elected coalition would allow first home buyers to access a “responsible portion” of their super to get into the housing market.

The scheme would be capped at $50,000, or 40 per cent of an individual’s superannuation balance.

The first homebuyer would need to have at least a five per cent deposit secured.

“Superannuation is there to help Australians in their retirement,” Mr Morrison said.

“The evidence shows that the best thing we can do to help Australians achieve financial security in their retirement is to help them own their own home.

“This is about increasing the choices available to you with your super – it’s your money.”

Mr Morrison hit out at Labor’s shared equity scheme while making the announcement, saying the super scheme would not force homebuyers to “check in with the government every time you go to Bunnings to buy a can of pain”.

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