Johnson’s violations of coronavirus restrictions will not be investigated by London police

London police will not investigate possible breaches of coronavirus restrictions by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Scotland Yard made the announcement on Twitter on Thursday, laying out the reasons why its staff would refrain from looking into the circumstances of Johnson’s participation in a party held at his residence in May 2020, when the country was under tight restrictive measures.

“Under current police regulations, officers generally do not investigate violations of coronavirus regulations when they are reported long after they may have occurred,” Scotland Yard said. They added that the main task of police officers during the quarantine was to explain the current rules to violators, encourage them to comply with the rules, and only last but not least, to bring them to justice.

At the same time, the police noticed that they were in close contact with the secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers, which began its own investigation into the incident. “If this test shows that the behavior [участников вечеринки], possibly constitutes a criminal offense, it will be referred to the Metropolitan Police Service for further consideration,” the statement said.

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